June, 2018


The World is changing. Again. Be a part of it!

Bitcoinference Europe announced its first event in the capital of Europe: Brussels – on June the 1st, 2018. This one day conference was focused on the future of Finance. Blockchain Technology is the foundation for the wave of innovation we are currently experiencing globally in the world of Finance and Technology. Bitcoinference examines the future of our financial systems, the state of technology, and the potential opportunities that lie with the Blockchain.

June, 2019

TBS World

The future begins right now. We will determine the direction it leads the rest of the world.
Together, we will unlock tomorrow!

Startups, WEB apps, Cryptos, ICOs, STOs, the Blockchain, nascent AI, machine learning and newly-emerging Technologies are constantly evolving in today’s Digital World. The 4th Industrial Revolution is pushing the technological borders and boundaries further than ever before.