A mastermind to set the pace for the year to come in your business
— Emil Sterndorff
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This business mastermind is a three-day crypto getaway event in Mexico for those seeking to make a bigger impact on the world.

Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event

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An event for cryptocurrency masterminds, where influencers and change makers unite.


What do you get for a $2,000 ticket?


1 ticket gives access to a team of two with free accommodation, food, drinks, beverages and taxi included.


This is a business mastermind, not a conference. It’s also a business development event, so no more of all the boring stuff. No booths, no speakers, no keynotes, no normal people, no bs.


This business development will take your business to the next level, regardless of size. It’s an invaluable opportunity to learn from, connect, network, and build partnerships and friendships with the brightest minds of the industry.


The attendees must bring giveaways to benefit the other mastermind attendees of the event. Giveaways can be anything of value, and is often exceeding $10.000 in value. Example from last mastermind: 3-month media partnership with 21Cryptos

We’re different

There’s no other event quite like ours

The definition of a mastermind event:

“A mastermind is a place where high-performers gather to leverage on each other's knowledge.”

The Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event is a two-day event in Mexico, on May 7-9 of 2020, and will be the world’s most powerful networking event for cryptocurrency masterminds.

We make sure that all attending teams fits these criteria:


Have credibility and track record


Action takers


future minded


Giving attitudes

This event is for teams who thrive to grow into becoming the #1 trusted authority in their field of expertise, while using their knowledge to help others achieve it as well. This mindset is crucial for the mastermind event.

If you do not meet these criteria, then do not apply for this mastermind yet. Instead, start making the necessary changes now, so you can apply next year.

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21Cryptos Magazine

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Blockchain VC

Attendee rewards list

This is a list of rewards brought to the event by the attendees themselves. Only attendees will be applicable to receive a reward, and all attendees must bring such award to further benefit the other attendees. This event is all about GIVING.

Current combined value of the attendee rewards equals approximately:


Media partner rewards

We love our media partners, and our media partners loves us! This is a list of media partner rewards that will be given to attendees of the Altcoin Magazine Mastermind Event.

Sponsor rewards

Last but not least we have our sponsor rewards. These are rewards given by sponsors from all around the world who wants to contribute to the event by giving away awesome rewards to the attendees of this year’s mastermind event.

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What makes this event unique?

Everyone brings value to the venue

Everyone brings value to the event. Period. For example;

  • An exchange can offer a free exchange listing for another attending team

  • A design company can offer a free rebrand for one attending team

  • A YouTube channel can offer a free project review to one attending project or company

  • A Venture Capital firm can put $10k in a pool for a startup battle

What are you going to bring?

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An Annual Affair

A three-day crypto getaway

Tickets include:

1: Entrance for a team of 2 people

2: 4-star accommodation

3: Drinks and food for all three days

3: Free bar at the after-parties

4: Taxi to and from the venue




Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach Bali

Wyndham Garden Kuta Beach Bali is a four-star hotel featuring 155 guest rooms, suites, lounges, dining options and lobby areas as well as outside areas perfect for high-level networking.

We chose this hotel for its stunning facilities, high quality of service, astonishing surroundings and because there was simply no better fit for an event like ours.